One who still crafts code in the old mind-set, who believes that 600megs of an office suite or operating system is 525 too many… One who takes pride in his or her work, and does not want to hear comments such as “boy they were sloppy’, or “man they made this harder than it had to be” when others follow in their keystrokes.

An admirer of the old days when thought had to be placed into writing clean, efficient, fast code, unlike the mentality of so many today that would roll every program possible into an operating system or do it all suite thinking that it’s all anyone will ever need or want. Hiding behind the excuse that new, faster computers will make the ridiculously overweight code run like it would if they had done the job right.

Someone who was around when 640k was “all you would ever need”…

A somewhat hard headed individual that wants to see simplicity and usefulness again in software, rather than 4,200 toolbars and 463 wizards capable of doing everything from filing your taxes automatically to dialing your ISP if you just give us all your personal information that we promise will stay confidential. (Except for demographic data that allows us to bombard you with advertisements we know you don’t care to see but will because you use our product and that’s just the way it is)

Someone who never feels like they have nothing to learn, and seeks the knowledge gained by other’s experience whenever possible. An individual who finds pleasure in gaining this knowledge, and passing on what they can in return.

A dreamer of bigger and better things ahead…

The last of a dying breed it would seem.

A true friend to those who know them well. You know who you are…

Finally, I am a codecrafter, A noble soul
Vote up or down, if you feel you must poll
But change me you will not
for I deeply believe
that these values are worthy
and should be conceived.

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