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I don't know if there are similar things as described below in other countries, so that's why this is solely the description of confirmation camps in Finland.

Basically, a confirmation camp is an equivalent for a confirmation class. But it's consider much more fun -- otherwise the attendance percent wouldn't be as high as 90,3 (1997). The figure is higher than the percentage of Lutherans of Finnish population. Nine tenths of those who are confirmed choose a camp as their method to get prepared. Usually there are 8-20 teenagers at a camp at the time.

However, confirmation camps are arranged by Evangelist Lutheran church. For the church the main idea is to teach religious things and make teenagers to think about the religion and religious side of life.

A confirmation is carried through when you're 15 years old. For teenagers a confirmation camp is much more than just religious event, although they are in susceptible age and therefore there are actually quite a number of those who start to believe or who are otherwise affected by the church. This fact can be proved giving a figure of assistants participating on camps: For 6 teenagers there is 1 a little older assistant (called "isonen") helping priests and kids. These assistants are merely youngsters who have seen the light at a camp.

But as said, there are much more to do than just to look for Jesus and discuss about religion. Many teenagers just want to have fun playing different games and participating in playful events. For them a confirmation camp is a nice week somewhere in the nature.
Mostly the camps take place in summer. There are also different types of special camps like a sports camp and there are other themes as skiing and hiking as well. I know some teenagers who had their confirmation camp in a sailing ship.

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