The spiritual state of objective reason.

What a layman might most easily understand as the state of nirvana.

Cosmic Consciousness is the state where ones reason has been perfected to the point where it accurately represents reality. That is to say, human perception is inherently imperfect in the way where one's reason may not adhere to the same natural laws that reality does. While reality itself is based strictly on objective reason (things happen the same way every time, or at least close enough), human perception is based on subjective reason (where the same thing happening may appear different to different people, or different to the same person under different circumstances.)

A state of Cosmic Consciousness is believed to be attained by perfecting one's understanding of reality. This is accomplished by the altering of oneself through proper guidance in a manner that adapts ones subjective perceptions to more closely resemble the objective truth of reality. While it is impossible to alter the functioning of reality (while one may be able to impact reality, one cannot alter the principles upon which it is based or functions), one can however alter the way he or she understands, or perceives the world.

The more perfected ones perception of the objective (or real) nature of reality is, the closer one becomes to objective reason, and Cosmic Consciousness.

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