To date, CowParade has visited a number of cities and has plans to visit several more. It has developed a devoted fan following, and most of the displayed cows have been auctioned off to benefit charities in the area around each city. There are also, of course, a number of commercial tie-ins, including books, apparel, mugs, gifts, and a variety of other merchandise.

Cow Parades
Zurich, Switzerland (1998)
Chicago, IL (1999)
Stamford, CT (2000)
New York City (2000)
West Orange, NJ (2000)
Kansas City, KS (2001)
Houston, TX (2001)
Las Vegas, NV (2002)
London, England (2002)
Sydney, Australia (2002)
Montevideo, Uruguay (2002)

Websites (official) (Swiss original) (NYC version)

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