Unfortunately, the primary problem with curing cancer is that it isn't just one disease. Various forms of cancer result from many possible (usually several at once) mutations in different types of cells. Leukemia must be treated in a completely different manner from skin cancer. Some people carry a genetic predisposition towards cancer, through mutations in genes like p53, which regulate programmed cell death (apoptosis). Therefore, there will probably never be a miraculous "CURE FOR CANCER", there will be a lot of possible cures for a lot of different types of cancer.

There is a school of thought (to which I happen to subscribe, although I realise that there are many, many opinions on the matter) that holds that cancer is a lifestyle disease.

This writeup will operate from that standpoint. I am not a doctor, and I'm not prescribing anything, I'm simply stating what I believe about cancer and how to prevent it. Many people have cured themselves of cancer following similar approaches. My aunt currently has cancerous tumours, and I've passed along this information to her. Time will tell.

In essence, cancer is caused by a toxic lifestyle: smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, breathing polluted air (exhaust fumes!), high stress environments, lack of regular exercise and poor diet. Traditional cancer treatments often do much more harm to the body than the disease itself. Many patients refuse second rounds of treatment citing "the treatment is worse than the disease". My aunt is once such person.

Most people shun a wholistic approach to medicine, but it should make sense that if the entire body and mind are in harmony then little or no disease should be present. The trick is getting everything into balance, and that's a lot harder than you might imagine.

You don't "catch" cancer, it is a phenomenon which occurs in your body. Cancer cells are cells which have mutated from regular, healthy cells. To survive cells need a regular supply of oxygen and the ability to eliminate waste via the lymphatic system. If they don't get that, they eventually mutate.

To fulfil the oxygen requirements, one should obviously make sure that they breathe effectively. Deep breathing using the diaphragm is preferable to the way most people breathe, which is using the upper part of the lungs, so less oxygen is absorbed than is possible. Often deep breathing like this will cause light-headedness. This is due to an increased flow of oxygen to the brain.

Eliminating the body's waste effectively is something else that we're not altogether brilliant at. In fact when the body starts to do this we tend to try to stop it! For example, when our nose begins to run we immediately try to dry up the mucous which is trying to take all the toxins out of our body. This keeps all that waste inside the body. Diarrhea? Same approach. Bronchitis, nausea and just about every other human disease is simply the body attempting to cleanse itself because the level of toxicity within the body has reached threshold.

So a cure for cancer should simply be to eat food which is nourishing, breathe effectively, drink lots of water to help the body flush itself of toxins and finally and perhaps most importantly: Direct the mind.

I believe the physical body and its condition are no more than a manifestation of the state of mind of the individual. If you honestly believe that you will die from cancer the chances are you will. The sense of certainty created by the mind will make sure that the body follows suit. Maintaining a positive frame of mind and hope may be the most important thing, so long as you make a conscious effort to help your body rid itself of the disease.

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