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Let the factoids speak:
Something interesting found in this research is the
statistic that 90% of lung cancer incidences are
preventable, and over 90% of them are caused by
excessive smoking. They also refer to cigarette
smoking as "the single most preventable cause of death
in the United States today".

Smoking is also associated with many other types of
cancer, including bladder, kidney, pancreatic, and
cervical cancers. Most tobacco brands contain over
60 known carcinogens. These include acetaldehyde,
arsenic, benzopyrene, cadmium, chromium,
ethylcarbamate, formaldehyde, hydrazine, lead,
nickel, and radioactive polonium. (wonder how
many of these are also found in trace amounts in
red meat..)
If there is one reason to stop smoking, it's to avert becoming an emphysematic old granny or grandpa, with a tracheotomy, a potable oxygen tank, and lung pieces missing. I hear that the chemotherapy's a drag too.


Every single one of these studies is talking about a lifetime of heavy smoking (they like it that way, it inflates their scary numbers). Like any other drug, tobacco is safe if taken in moderation.

A lifetime of heavy drinking will have you dead by 50 with liver cirrhosis. Why isn't there a heap of propaganda here in Canada about that shit?...

they're still making lots of money off the booze... so I guess we don't need Drinking can kill you and make you become an unemployed alcoholic warnings on booze labels.

And don't get me started on holding cell phones' microwaves next to your head for a prolonged periods...

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