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Internet research tells us that smoking during pregnancy
can harm your baby. The rates of SIDS, behavior problems,
learning disabilities, and low IQ. These are due to
the fact that the cigarette smoke flow replaces the oxygen
flow to little fetus' brain.

It also increases the chances of deformity and other
birth complications.
This warning doesn't really deserve to be killed... but some if it does get a bit on the excessive side. Some of the propaganda accompanying this subject depicted the wholesome scene of a mom, naked & pregnant, hand on her giant tummy, suckin' back a Marlboro. Not really necessary or effective.

Maybe it's optimism, but it seems that it's enough in the public eye these days that fetus smoking is bad... they plug this crap, while other more important stuff goes ignored.

Okay, while I agree with your sentement about the graphics going along with the warning to be excessive (and simply tasteless (no pun intended)), I feel that you're underestimating the importanance of it all.

While there are other problems in the world, it's unfair and unfeeling to say that we should ignore the growing strata of children in the world who, because of smoking, have a quality of life lower than you could ever dream.

I'm picking on cigarettes for one important reason, and that is I have my own case study. My sister-in-law has had two children. Two girls. Her fist child is developing fine, just it is expected of her to do. Her younger sister, however, isn't farring so well. She has learning disabilities, chronicly poor lower body circulation (to the point her legs will simply stop function for a length of time), and a heart defect.

What happened between the birth of these to girls? After the first daughter was born, their mother took up smoking.

Yes, It is possible that this is all a coincidence.. but I doubt it. The younger of the two now is in very real danger of lossing her legs and being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Personally, I'd take death from heart disease when I'm 55 versus trying to go though primary school in a wheelchair.

Still, the important, and of understated part of these labels is the word 'can'. Many children are born to smoking mothers (OT: would that be a good name for a band?) and have no complications. But there is group that isn't, and it's large enough to be of concern, especially if you happen to be one of them. Before you call having CP or MD "crap", try living a life with it.

Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen and increases the amount of carbon monoxide crossing the placental barrier. This is especially dangerous when a woman is pregnant with twins or more because of the increased oxygen demand due to multiple fetuses.

Smoking increases the probability of premature birth, low birth weight, still birth, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Mothers who continue to smoke during pregnancy place their children at significantly greater risk for depression and anxiety and increase the likelihood that the child will engage in early tobacco use.

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