it's finally done:

I have compiled all these nodes for historical reasons, since the current warnings on cigarette packs are going to be gone in the near future. The Canadian government is soon to eliminate these warnings, in favour of bolder ones, which occupy a full half of the package, some with graphic depictions of the effects of smoking.

These nodes were put together with minimal "copy & post", with lots of paraphrasing and "fair use". Each contains facts relevant to the particular warning, followed by relevant commentary. I've been trying to keep it fresh.

So here they are:
Smoking can kill you
Cigarettes are addictive
Smoking during pregnancy can harm your baby
Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease
Tobacco smoke can harm your children
Cigarettes cause cancer
Cigarettes cause strokes and heart disease
Tobacco smoke causes fatal lung disease in non-smokers

The worst part about all of this nonsense is how much the government wants everyone to doublethink. It's all presented like their concern really is for you, the mislead smoker -- they're thinking only of the quality of your life. Really it's because they were forced to sharply drop taxes on cigarettes, and now the health care costs exceed the cash they're getting off of tobacco sales.

Note well that since the liquor control boards are still raking in cash from booze sales, and for some reason the goverment has decided that it's not time to "crack down" on alcohol yet, which they could just as easily portray as absolute evil.

If you want to scope out this rubbish for yourself, hyperlink to: ... it's a good laugh.

See: A picture is not an argument

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