Not only does the box feature the skull and crossbones motif, the cigarettes themselves do as well. It is printed near the filter in grey ink.

In my opinion, despite being a hard to find brand of cigarette, they are no better than the average smoke. Probably the only reason to smoke these cigarettes instead of any brand you can get more easily is because of the packaging and the attitude of the warning label.

Here is a transcription of the warning label:

"Luxury American blend.
10% of Pre-Tax profits donated to non-vivisection cancer research and related charities

A pack of DeathTM cigarettes
leaves no doubt as to the risks of smoking.
We don't print a health warning just because it's law.
We believe in telling the truth. You know
the risks and it's your choice.

DeathTM is a responsible way
to market a legally available consumer
product which kills people when
used exactly as intended.

Made in the EC under the authority of:
Enlightened Tobacco Company PLC, London.


For an honest smoke


Note that the final warning is not preceded by "Surgeon General says etc..."

There is also a small note on the side of the box:

"Manufacterer's Advice:
Cigarettes are
addictive and debilitating.
If you don't smoke,
don't start."

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