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In books such as William Gibson's Neuromancer and in RPGs such as Cyberpunk and Shadowrun, technology has advanced far enough so that people can opt to have their organic limbs or other body parts removed and replaced with cybernetic replacements, or cyberware.

This can come in many forms, from basic replacement (giving someone whose legs were destroyed in battle a chance to walk again) to implementing optional extras (giving a netrunner a cyberdeck with him at all times contained in his forearm). People can also have things implanted into their body that weren't there before, such as cortex bombs for suicide missions and datajacks for plugging additional skills into your head or accessing The Matrix.

Usually in these games there is a safeguard against using too much cyberware. Generally the rule is, the more cyberware you accumulate, the less human you feel, and in the end you succumb to cyberpsychosis, and become a raging killing machine.

My personal favourite pieces of cyberware are cyberoptics (eye replacements which can be customised with different vision modes) and the Wolverine rip-off retractable claws from Cyberpunk 2020, Wolvers.

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