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A cyberdeck is a Commodore 64 with kick. It weighs a little less, and is 'net' capable. Meaning it is a portal to the matrix, in Shadowrun. It does very little other than protect it's user, allow him to visualize the matrix, and store info.

-On- the forehead?

From the games we have (almost) played, only the poseurs and non-commited use external I/O electrodes. Actually, most shadowrunners/deckers have a jack that they plug their cyberdeck into. This is generally in the side of the head or the neck, but I personally like where my character has her jack. *grin* Let's just say that plugging in my Deck became an exceptionally phallic action...


Yes, William Gibson's cyberdecks feature external electrodes in place of the very cyberpunkisk datajack. In several points in the novel Neuromancer, the main character and console cowboy Case is described as 'strapping on the 'trodes' and, if you think about it, external electrodes make more sense than an internal connection. Think about it, which is more likely to be developed: a consumer technology which actively overrides the sensorium via external means or another which requires one to undergo extensive brain surgery (something that Shadowrun never cleared up is what exactly does the datajack connect to, sensory input nerve endings are certainly scattered all over the brain) and a permanent, superificial artificial orifice. Simply in terms of marketing, Gibson's version is superior.

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