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CyberSphere is one of the original RPG MOOs, going online in 1994. Admin and player alike find solace in a world of digital make-believe any cyberpunk would enjoy.

Welcome to New Carthage (formerly of San Diego glory) and you will die. The year is 2030, and 25 years ago earth blew the fuck up. Well, not exactly. It's still there, it's just a real shitty place to live.

You've got doctors trying to steal your organs, thugs hitting you up for drug money, and the KINGS trying to beat you the fuck down. And all of this is before you even get out of your coffin. Not to mention the multibillion dollar corporations over east side trying to keep the west side poor and the radioactive wastelands nomads wander in attempts to scavange a living.

Life isn't always shit though. Deckers build up meat slaves to fight their battles for them. Smugglers can earn enough to live off-world on the L4 colony or at least a clone.

You can be anything.

The player base is high and most of the time you're bound to be playing with 12-40 players at any given moment. The RP is (usually) good. If you like William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Transmetropolitan, or Blade Runner, you'll enjoy it. Even if you don't, you will enjoy it.

Just telnet over to cs.vv.com port #7777
Website: http://cs.vv.com

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