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Simex, as a technology, is similar to simstim. However the important difference between Simex and Simstim is the duration of the imposed experience. Simstim ends when you take off the trodes ( unless you got fried by black ice ). Simex can be permanent.

In Ghost in the Shell, the prevalence of mechanically-enhanced brain functions makes it necessary to refer to someone's 'consciousness', or core personality, as their 'Ghost'. The 'Ghost' is what makes you you, inside your cyber-enhanced brain.

It is possible, in GiTS, to replace someone's memories with a Simex recording. The process is referred to as Ghost-Hacking. It is commonly used in the series to turn someone into a patsy for you, by 'reprogramming' them to do your bidding. It seems to only be necessary to overwrite some key points about the person's memory: the natural capacity of humans to ignore what dosent fit into their worldview takes care of the rest.

In GiTS, a man was convinced his wife was cheating on him. She'd left with their little daughter, and the man was determined to find out why. He used a ghost-hacking program to try and find out what was going on. When the police caught him, they informed him that he wasnt hacking into his wife, he had been hacking into government officials. His program would have turned a secretary into an assassin. Indeed, he actually had no wife or daughter. When presented with the picture of his family the man carried, he finally saw the truth: It was a picture of him and his dog. The man had himself been hacked. Then, he is told that there is no technology that can handle a Simex erasure.


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