A dermoid cyst (or benign cystic teratoma) is a non-cancerous tumor (usually... the incidence of malignant dermoids is about 1%). They are commonly found on the ovaries of young women (dermoids account for 10% of all benign ovarian tumors), the gonads of men, or around the orbits of the eyes on the skull. These tumors are unique in that they can contain hair, teeth, fat, cartilage, and just about any other type of cell.

On the ovaries, these may be caused by an unfertilized egg cell trying to develop into a human. They are average 2-4" in diameter. They are usually asymptomatic unless they are large enough to interfere with other organs or if the cyst becomes twisted or ruptured.

Outside the ovaries, these tumors may be present from birth.

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curious as to what one looks like? http://www.kumc.edu/instruction/medicine/pathology/ed/ch_18/c18_dermoid_gross.html

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