The key to true happiness. When I was a kid, my grandfather Luigi (rest in peace) bought me for my confirmation a Seiko digital watch.

I still have it on my wrist, happily non-ticking away. It tells me what time it is, it never breaks, it needs a new battery every ... maybe two years, in which case it warns me about a week before dying (a week being more or less the amount of time it takes me to get my lazy bum in gear and get a new battery installed).
Water will not get into it. If I am in the mood, it will gently beep to me. It knows that "Umpty days hath Whateverember", and knows what day of the week it is. It is metal, and it won't make me sweat or tangle with my scarce wrist hair.
Besides, it leaves me with a stylish white bracelet whenever I tan, looks like nothing a thief might want and is so out of fashion that it is almost fashionable.

Come to think of it, my watch is one of the very few things that are more or less right about my life.

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