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The style of direct painting, first and most notably pioneered by Diego Velasquez, is used to create works in a simple manner, usually with a single application of paint. The simplified style results in a greater need for planning on the part of the artist, as form and color must be considered simultaneously in the creation of the piece.

A far as technique goes, direct painting calls for what may at first appear to be hurried, almost sloppy workings of the brush. Lengths of strokes are generally varied between short and long. The piece might call for scrubbing in multiple directions, or stippling. . .regardless, the underlying premise is the opaque feel generated by the simple application. It is as its name implies---direct.

Historically, the style of direct painting has been utilized by the early Impressionists and Abstract Impressionists. The simplicity and boldness in pieces of direct painting work doubly to evoke feeling in the observer.


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