Dis*pute" (?), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Disputed; p. pr. & vb. n. Disputing.] [OE. desputen, disputen, OF. desputer, disputer, F. disputer, from L. disputare, disputatum; dis- + putare to clean; hence, fig., to clear up, set in order, reckon, think. See Putative, Pure.]

To contend in argument; to argue against something maintained, upheld, or claimed, by another; to discuss; to reason; to debate; to altercate; to wrangle.

Therefore disputed [reasoned, Rev. Ver
.] he in synagogue with the Jews. Acts xvii. 17.


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Dis*pute", v. t.


To make a subject of disputation; to argue pro and con; to discuss.

The rest I reserve it be disputed how the magistrate is to do herein. Milton.


To oppose by argument or assertion; to attempt to overthrow; to controvert; to express dissent or opposition to; to call in question; to deny the truth or validity of; as, to dispute assertions or arguments.

To seize goods under the disputed authority of writs of assistance. Bancroft.


To strive or contend about; to contest.

To dispute the possession of the ground with the Spaniards. Prescott.


To struggle against; to resist.


Dispute it [grief] like a man. Shak.

Syn. -- To controvert; contest; gainsay; doubt; question; argue; debate; discuss; impugn. See Argue.


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Dis*pute", n. [Cf. F. dispute. See Dispute, v. i.]


Verbal controversy; contest by opposing argument or expression of opposing views or claims; controversial discussion; altercation; debate.

Addicted more To contemplation and profound dispute. Milton.


Contest; struggle; quarrel.

De Foe.

Beyond dispute, Without dispute, indisputably; incontrovertibly.

Syn. -- Altercation; controversy; argumentation; debate; discussion; quarrel; disagreement; difference; contention; wrangling. See Altercation.


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