The incessant Holy Wars that evangelists of all OSes fight zealously in. These can be from a hardware perspective, such as Mac zealots vs. Anti-Mac zealots, which usually encompasses bitter disputes over the OSes of said computers. More software-specific, though, are usually disputes over PC OSes, most notably Windows vs. *nix. However, the dichotomy isn't quite that exact. You can get into disputes within the *nix OS community, such as Linux vs. BSD, and thus even FreeBSD vs. OpenBSD or some such drivel.

You tend to see less and less Holy Wars as you get more OS-specific, such as the FreeBSD vs. OpenBSD example. I have never seen, but I have concieved of something as ridiculous as something like a 2.2.x kernel vs. 2.3.x kernel dispute, and I hope people don't start wasting time with crap like that.

OS Wars are characterized as Holy Wars because the combatants tend to have unshakeable opinions towards their OS and its rivals (though not neccesarily are close-minded). This usually means that the incessant arguments over the superiority of one OS over another will simply make a bunch of people pissed-off, with no-one "winning" the arguement. Much like religious evangelism, wouldn't you say?

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