the sonnet what i wrote her
as i hit the big downvoter
was not a thing of beauty, pride, or glee

and it was a little manic
linking off to things satanic
as I typed into her "blab!" and clicked "CC"

'cause when she gets a-writing
on things that sound like skiting
i can hardly stop and parse my doggrel verse

a glance at other users
shows me half a dozen luzers
quite capable of more, and likely, worse

so i've got to get my blows in
can't be caught pants down and dozin'
have to make my smart remark and make it sting

downvoting's so impersonal
gotta carry in your arsenal
that nastiest of cuts: the "of Death" Ching!

'cause then she know whodunnit
and it's very clear who won it
this game i like to call the e of 2

you can't rest on your laurels
or -- god forbid -- have morals
when serially downvoting pas de deux

can't remember when it started
was it when she noded "sharted"?
or when I superceded "superceded"?

or was it comments kicked it off
like when she /msged "F*ing toff!"
after I had daylogged "Class is needed..."?

i don't want to sound an ingrate
but now we've reached a stalemate
minus one on every writeup she's Stumbitted

and i know she done the same
at least she's the one i blame
her and her many puppets so committed

and so the dance goes on
until all the dancing's done
until everything, you see's on blogs or wiki

folk create things for the feedback
c'mon please give me a readback
getting none, i turn to evil, 'tain't that tricky!

warm fuzzies beat cold pricklies
but give me something quickly
or else i'll find another game to play

i used to be so certain
of that man behind the curtain
and how he'd make it so i'd want to stay

but this latest game is painful
and not to mention shameful
art without a viewer's masturbation

at least a neg has feeling
those links'll leave her reeling!
my emotion? we call that one: desperation

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