Whenever a very good looking female, or sometimes male character appears in a television show or movie, this character is bound to attract drooling fanboys.

Drooling fanboys generally go crazy over that which they will probably never have. In fact, the fact that their object of desire is unattainable is what seems to fuel fanboys, much of the time. It is in the nature of humans to desire what they cannot have.

Examples of drooling fanboy targets are Minerva Mink, Gadget Hackwrench, or Natalie Portman. Sometimes fanboys take forever to get over their irresistable attraction, but they usually do, eventually.

There are also drooling fangirls, though they seem to be in less number than their male counterparts. I wonder why.

Drooling fanboys tend to get together on the Internet to discuss their object of desire with their peers. It can be quite interesting to get involved in such discussions; you get interesting subject lines like "Who is sexier, Fifi la Fume or Babs Bunny?" I personally prefer the former. }:) Of course, obsession over cartoon characters also fits in the realm of toonphiles.

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