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Hm. This is a nodeshell, eh? Well...(rolls up sleeves).

The dunk tank is a nearly surefire way of raising money at a charity fair. Essentially, it's a tank of water on which is perched a shelf seat. The seat is held in position by a latch which, when operated, will allow the seat to drop away and release whoever is seated thereon to fall (SPLOOSH) into the tank of water.

The latch is operated, usually, by hitting a target with a thrown ball. Whenever an organization holds a charity fair, the organizers usually try to convince the most sacrosanct individual in the group to occupy the shelf. In large corporations, getting your department manager/regional manager/VP/CEO to occupy the Dunk Tank usually increases your take in donations appreciably.

Sadly, there are a large group of Important People who are too self-aggrandizing to appear on Dunk Tanks. I personally feel that if, once a year, the President of the United States were to appear on a Dunk Tank on national television, it would have multiple positive effects. One, the Presidency would be able to shed a little bit of the ridiculous mysticism and pomposity that it has somehow managed to accumulate over recent years. Two, the amount that you could charge for a chance to dunk the Prez would be really big! You could offer rich members of the opposing Party (or of the same Party who owe the POTUS a good one for some reason) the opportunity to take out their frustrations in a harmless manner whilst doing good!

Hmmm...actually, this might be a really good way to up the Defense budget, if the Prez and Congress lock horns. I wonder how many SPLOOSHes of Clinton it'd take to buy a Nimitz-class Nuclear Aircraft Carrier? For additional pizzazz, you could vary the liquid in the tank and the size of the target...I'm in favor of Chocolate Egg-Creams, myself. Maybe, if you were being nice to the dunkee, you could fill it with beer.

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