Can be defined as the invisible force one person can emanate while on ecstasy that can possibly make others around them psuedo-trip, if they are responsive.

For example, a few weekends ago, a friend I dropped a couple hits and were tripping while playing video games and listening to music. We had a sober friend come over and join us, and within 30 minutes of being around us, he told us he felt like he was beginning to trip.

Another example, friends have told me that while at raves and not taking any kind of drugs, they sometimes experience low grade ecstasy and acid-like trips while dancing or associating with others.

This wild phenomenon of being able to pass vibes to another person strong enough to make them feel what you're feeling isn't a unique idea. Its not medically proven, but there is reason to believe a persons psychic ability increases while under the influence of a party drug, like ecstasy or acid. There have been many personal accounts posted to websites, like the Lycaeum, stating people experience higher psychic abilities and/or receive vibes from tripping people, causing a psuedo-trip, while at a rave or small drug gathering.

I've personally experienced both of these situations and I believe if its given proper medical and scientific attention, scientists could reach a new understanding on the way the human brain works and possibly start learning how to make full use of it...

That could get scary...

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