Explorers and visionaries have always suspected that in exotic locales, at the furthest reaches of the planet, lie the secrets to vibrant health.

The world’s most powerful botanicals, foods that have been used as health remedies for centuries, are combined together as a nutritional drink called eXfuze. The seven main ingredients are all antioxidants, including acai, fucoidan,goji berries, sea buckthorn, gac fruit, noni fruit, mangosteen. And the best part about this health drink – it tastes amazing.

    From mountain, sea, and all corners of the earth
  • Gac – Deep orange spiny fruit harvested at the end of the rainy season throughout Southeast Asia: Thailand, China and Malaysia. Known in traditional Chinese as the mubiezi, the fruit’s vibrant color makes it easy to spot amidst the lush greenery.
  • Acai – Dark purple berry from the Amazon Rain Forest, local tribes believe the berries have phenomenal healing powers.
  • Goji – Crimson berry from the Himalayan Mountains and the valleys of Tibet. Generations of Himalayans have attributed their long life-spans to Goji.
  • Noni – This green fruit was noticed over 2,000 years ago, its distinctive flavor and aroma singled it out to explorers. Asian travelers took it to the Polynesian Islands, where its healing virtues have become part of the cultures legends and mythology.
  • Fucoidan - Rooted in the pristine, sparkling waters of the South Pacific is an astonishing brown seaweed. Nutrients resemble human breast milk, and are said to aid longer life spans.
  • Mangosteen – Queen of all fruit, this snow white is revered not just for its flavor, but for its amazing restorative and medicinal properties.
  • Sea-buckthorn – Golden berry in Chinese/Russian mountains. Said to have astonishing nutritional value, given to warriors to increase vitality. It’s renown inspired 8th century Tibetan doctor Yu Yuendan Gongbu to study this berry, and since then its value has been mastered by that culture.
  • The plus + ingredients include, pomegranate, wild blueberries, aloe vera, and concord grapes.

How was the name eXfuze derived?
“The name originated from the process of creating Seven+. The "eX" represents the extracts that are taken from each botanical, ensuring that only the most nutrition-rich parts are used. "Fuze" designates the "fuzing" of all of the ingredients into a formula that is nutrition dense and second to none – hence the name eXfuze.” (eXfuze)

Why did the founders create eXfuze?
“Co-founders Rick & Don Cotton created eXfuze with the vision of creating the best direct-sales company in the world by providing superior products that are competitively priced while offering people from all walks of life and economic backgrounds the ability to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit. In this pursuit, the mission of the company is to provide the opportunity for improved health and wealth without limits to the distributors and customers. Honesty, integrity and a giving spirit are pillars that eXfuze is being built on to create a long-lasting, profitable, community-involved business in which you can be proud to be involved with.” (eXfuze)

What the drink has done for me!
Between work, family, and school, I've had a hard time staying healthy by eating the right foods and getting enough sleep. This drink has been a great supplement for me, aiding my sleeping habits, helping me get better from a cold, and keeping enough energy throughout the day. eXfuze isn't a roller coaster energy drink in the sense of sugars that last a few hours, but rather is a drink that is supportive of long term health. You take it in 3/4 ounce servings, once per day. Each bottle lasts a month. I love the taste of the drink, which I liken to pomegranate, although others say it tastes like a high blend grape juice. Which is great because most nutritional drinks taste like dirt. My best friend's mom has also seen an immediate decrease in her headaches, and attributes it to eXfuze.


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