Local news:
10 minutes: roundup of the latest gruesome murders, complete with close-up shots of the body bag and weeping widow.
5 minutes: Local politics, speculation on who's bribing who
5 minutes: weather (usually incorrect)
1 minute: sports
8 minutes: touching human interest piece that has absolutely nothing to do with anything even slightly newsworthy
1 minute: teaser for the national news

National news:
10 minutes: The Top Story either a war or a disaster or a political scandal
10 minutes: cheerleading for whatever war is in the public eye that week (hint; whoever is winning is the Bad Guy)
5 minutes: Politics: gratuitous Republican-bashing*
2 minutes: Finance
3 minutes: Special report, usually involving the American Public being screwed by a major corporation or the government

*I have no problem with a little republican bashing, but it shouldn't be done under the guise of "news"

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