"You can invent me,
(maybe someday I can invent you)
We could be so perfect."

Invent me
Peter Searcy

She pulled a few strands of hair behind one ear, blushed, and looked at the table between us. That's it I said, that look, extrapolate that, take that to it's logical conclusion.

What? What do trends have to do with my embarrassment?

The place where I want us to be, the time I want us to spend, it starts with this, that kind of look, the interaction..

Hey, aren't you putting the cart before the horse here? What US? Aren't you forgeting that I'm here, I haven't considered us a present yet, less a future.

But that's it, I want that tense, I want the future with you, I want to know how to get there, what we can experience.. that's what I am aiming for...

Aiming, jeez, how about overshooting, it's a long way from here to there, you don't know as much about learning curves as you think you do. Mine's pretty steep. I like you and all, but you are way ahead of me here.

But you feel it, right? The energy? The connection? Don't you like the way your sentences slide into mine? The way our eyes drift over the same pictures, pick up on the same cues? Don't deny that you feel some of that?

Oh, I feel plenty, but I'm more gunshy than you, some of us have learned to wear oven mitts in these situations.

So, let's just do it with dotted lines then, OK? Give me some chalk, let's outline?

Hey, let's just start with some salad, allright? I'm not an all you can eat kind of girl.

A verb meaning to:

  • Infer new knowledge based on current knowledge; to deduce.
  • Estimate the value of something.
  • draw from specific cases for more general cases; to generalize.

Extrapolate was created as a back formation of the word extrapolation, which in turn was based on a creative corruption of interpolate.

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