Intel's chip fabrication plants are called "fabs". The one in Jerusalem is called FAB8, and is way out of date...

F. A. B. was an utterance delivered by the heroes of Thunderbirds, as a general term of acknowledgement - rather like 'Roger' or '10-4'. Despite its acronymous nature, it didn't actually stand for anything at all (not even 'Fast and Bulbous'). Instead, it was a spelling-out of 'fab', which was in turn an abbreviation of 'fabulous', much used by The Beatles.

Gerry Anderson repeated the idea in Captain Scarlet, although in that case the signal - 'S. I. G.' - stood for 'Spectrum is Green'. As 'Your Sinclair' magazine pointed out, this was incorrect. Sinclair Spectrums were either black or, in one case, grey. That was a pun, 'case'. It has two meanings, see? In this context it can mean 'instance', and it can also mean 'enclosure'. Yes.

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