An exclamation. Can mean: Wow, amazing, awesome, cool.

A Finnish tv-show format currently running on MTV3 of Finland. Produced by Broadcasters OY (Ltd.)

Far Out is a "reality tv"-show promoting travelling, drinking, partying and in general a good time. Each show features videos sent in from various locations all over Europe by competitors, completing missions given by the show hosts. Based on performance in these videos, and on an on-line diary filled out by the competitors, the viewers of the show vote to drop out the pair of competitors they liked less.

The dropped pair of competitors returns back to the country of origin, and a studio audience chooses a new pair to challenge the winners from a set of four (generally terrible) video entries. These new pairs are each given a few seconds to answer obscure questions, and a member of the audience (subjectively picked by one of the three hosts, usually on account of breast size) votes a pair out.

Thus, a new pair is singled out to challenge the winners. The hosts reveal two new destinations and some of the missions the pairs will be facing. The competitors travel to their respective locations and try to out-compete each other in outrageousness and funny antics.

The show, with a large following of teenagers and young students, has also given birth to a "Tatu ja Eeka" (Tatu and Eeka) fan cult. Tatu and Eeka, a pair of competitors in the show from the start, dominated the votes throughout the first 8-week season of the show. Tatu, a 25-year old music student from Helsinki, and a percussionist in the hip-hop band Kwan, and Eeka, a 21-year old club manager from Vaasa, were charismatic, natural and amazingly funny throughout their performance. No other couple ever scored more than 15% against them, so they arrived in the final show as heroes.

The hosts of the program are Finnish "rock culture expert" Jani "Wallu" Valpio, computer game show Tilt!-host Jaana Pelkonen and Tuomas Enbuske, a radio and TV persona.

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