With words such as fuck losing their effect, this may the curse word of the future. It describes a person who participates in a sex act involving one partner ejaculating into the others rectum, and removing it orally. The original definition I heard years ago also involved the partners kissing afterward, but no written definitions I have been able to find include this.

Granted, it is far from perfect. For instance, it is not something most people would want to do to anyone, but did you really want to fuck anyone at the time you told them to fuck off? Its relative obscurity as an act may keep the insulted party from being offended. Hopefully, enough people will be interested in the escalation of verbal weapons to track down and understand the potental of this word. In its defense, the transition would be relatively seamless, you would simply replace fuck with feltch and fucker with feltcher.

Alternative spelling of the verb: Felch

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