the essential oil of the fir is used for stress relief. It is a refreshing and grounding scent. It is also good for purification and relaxation. in a psychological sense, it often invokes nature images and "convinces" the body to enter a state of deeper breathing that one would usuall have in the outdoors with fresh air.

In DSP or Digital Signal Processing, FIR is an abbreviation for finite impulse response, a simple type of digital filter. As a pronunciation guide, either spelling it out F-I-R or saying it like the name of the tree is common.

Fir (?), n. [Dan. fyr, fyrr; akin to Sw. furu, Icel. fura, AS. furh in furhwudu fir wood, G. fohre, OHG. forha pine, vereheih a sort of oak, L. quercus ak.] Bot.

A genus (Abies) of coniferous trees, often of large size and elegant shape, some of them valued for their timber and others for their resin. The species are distinguished as the balsam fir, the silver fir, the red fir, etc. The Scoth fir is a Pinus.

Fir in the Bible means any one of several coniferous trees, including, cedar, cypress, and probably three species of pine.

J. D. Hooker.


© Webster 1913.

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