Very similar to fisting, foosting is a sexual act where one partner anally or vaginally stimulates the other partner with his or her foot. Other than the obvious, there are very few differences between fisting and foosting, though I imagine it is less safe because it is much easier to acquire latex gloves for the hands than it is to acquire latex socks. Furthermore, toenails are generally longer and more rigid, which could lead to tearing in the latex, if you can even find a "foot condom".

Advantages to foosting:

  • Stimulating for people who have foot fetishes.
  • Stimulating for the person whose foot is doing the penetrating. A foot (the upper portion anyway) tends to be a lot more sensitive than a hand. Even the sole, despite its hardness to endure walking, can be remarkably sensitive (think tickling).
  • Foot massage + intercourse of a sexual nature. What could be better?

Disadvantages to foosting:

  • The foot is less dexterous. Although it is bigger and can stimulate more in that regard, it is unable to stimulate particularly sensitive areas the same way that fingers are able to.
  • Dangerous in terms of STDs. Foots are prone to small cuts, and the anus is a breeding ground for STDs.
  • Dangerous because tough toenails may tear the epithelial tissue in the anus or vagina.
  • People will undoubtedly find you strange.
  • Explaining to doctors why your date has gashes in his or her orifice when you go to the emergency room can be awkward.

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