The foot fetish is a wide and varied form of sexually oriented devotion. In many cases it is the ultimate in submissive behavior with worship of the feet seen as degrading and humiliating. In other cases pleasure is derived from the foot itself, in an appreciation of its form and appearance.

One of the most commonly talked about fetishes, it also tends to be one of the least openly admitted. There is a feeling that the foot is ugly and unpleasant and gaining any kind of sexual pleasure from it makes one a lower form of life. One may commonly boast of a love for breasts, buttocks, legs or sexual organs with friends over beers. One does not commonly speak of someone having "really hot feet" at the company cookout.

The foot fetish is divided into categories, with much intermingling amongst them. Most foot fetishists seem to select certain diversions from the list and may find others uninteresting or even appalling.

  • Admiration of the shape and form of the foot
  • Worship of the foot (voluntary or forced)
  • Oral pleasuring of the foot
  • Using the foot to stimulate sexual organs
  • Shoes (both the appearance of the foot in certain shoes and the enjoyment of disembodied shoes)
  • Being trampled by feet
  • Feet mixed up with some kind of food
  • Dirty feet (as in someone who walked through a bog with bare feet comes a calling)
  • Feet in nylon stockings
  • Feet in socks
  • Painted toenails (also painting toenails themselves)
  • And probably sixty diversions I either am not aware of or cannot think of at the moment

The individual who does not entertain a fetish for feet wonders why anyone would find anything sexually or otherwise pleasurable about feet. The fetishist has no simple answer, just as someone cannot explain a love of a certain kind of music or art to someone who hates said music or art. It is just part of what makes them who they are.

The foot fetishist who craves degradation or humiliation at the feet of another is not all that much different than anyone else who enjoys playing a submissive role in any kind of sexual role playing. The individual who finds the foot to be a pleasing part of the body to admire is not all that much different than someone who is impressed by someone's hindquarters. Is there something about feet that makes the admiration of them so much worse than admiring the part of the body from which waste is expunged?

For millions of people worldwide who live in shame until they meet a partner who can share in and understand their particular fetish... there is untold amounts of shame and twitchy facial behavior. Let's free the slaves. Let's open the playpen of life and let the natives be restless on inflatable couches in mystical barrooms. Let's do it soon.

Okay, on second thought, maybe the taboo nature of a fetish is what makes it exciting. Put them back in irons and take them below deck.

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