A principle by which a lot of humans tend to live their lives. Although I'm biased, and wouldn't really know anyway, Americans seem to be particularly guilty of this.

Consider the cheeseburger. Whoever looked at a 100% beef patty and thought: 'Hmm, this would be so much better if I had some solidified dairy product mixed with the lining of a cow's stomach'? The reasons for the genesis of the cheeseburger are lost in the mists of Time. However, it works.

Consider fashion. Stop me if I'm wrong, but the function of clothes is to cover up the rude bits and keep the wearer warm. Now take a look at Kate Moss. (If you don't, I will.) Nice as she may well appear, would anyone actually wear that stuff?...

I bought a cigarette lighter today... eventually. The guy in the shop said, "What colour"? I don't care! All I need is the means to make fire.

Admittedly, the white lighter I got doesn't exactly go with my long black leather trenchcoat, but I refuse to let that bother me.

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