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"Fourteener" is a Colorado slang term for a mountain 14,000 ft. high. There are 54 of them in the state, a lot of people have climbed all of them. Some people have climbed them all several times.

Some of the climbs are relatively easy, some are hard. A few you can drive to the top of. But you just don't get that same feeling of accomplishment when you step out of your shiny SUV at the top, as you do when you hike and climb up.

There is something very special and awe inspiring about being on top of a 14,000+ ft. peak. A lot of time in the Colorado Rocky Mountains it's a case of not being able to see the forrest for the trees. Even on top of a peak, you're always surrounded by more as tall, or taller. But on top of a fourteener, you can look 360 degrees and everything is below you.

It's an experience you wont soon forget.

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