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Fun size is the contrast to king size. Where king size is larger than the regular size (as a king would have), fun size is misnamed. Fun size is the term given to candy that is about 1/4 the size of regular units. These smaller candies are created by many companies, including M&M / Mars and Nestle. These products tend to be seen more around the time of Halloween. The sad thing is that there are even smaller candies than fun sized candies. These candies are bite size and are about half the size (if not even less) of fun size candies. All fun size and bite size candies are not labeled for individual retail sale and tend not to have nutrition facts printed on them.

There is no universal standard for the size of fun. This so called "Fun Size" takes many forms. Conveniently, all forms that I'm aware of are contained within the realm of candy.

The most common form is of a bar about 1 1/2 inches square and 1 inch thick. These can be found in the following candies:

Of course, there are candies that, due to their form, cannot possibly be congealed into a bar without losing some of their tiny candy magic in the process. These all contain about 20 candies in every fun size bag: And there are a few unimaginative companies that just give half of what is in their normal packages:

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