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A Norwegian company which has proven to make attractive games world-wide. Their first big hit was The Longest Journey which sold millions. The main reason for this was a good story-line. And being a non-violent game as it is, made many families go for the game, and maybe more important, a gift for christmas to the game-loving computer grand-children.

Later on, they produced Anarchy Online which had quite some hype around it. This was supposed to be ground-breaking and very original. But unfortunately FunCom faced many unpredictable challenges, including net lag, game balance and compatibility issues. The betas that were released in dozens helped a bit, but it was still many challenges that weren't completed.

They have now announced a new Massive Multiplayer Online Game, (MMOG), namely Midgard. This time they go back hundreds of years to the viking period of Scandinavia. They have released magnificent-looking concept-arts and ideas as to what the game is about. Hopefully they will have learned from the earlier game Anarchy Online and make a more stable and playable game.

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