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Fuze (?), n.

A tube, filled with combustible matter, for exploding a shell, etc. See Fuse, n.

Chemical fuze, a fuze in which substances separated until required for action are then brought into contact, and uniting chemically, produce explosion. --
Concussion fuze, a fuze ignited by the striking of the projectile. --
Electric fuze, a fuze which is ignited by heat or a spark produced by an electric current. - - Friction fuze, a fuze which is ignited by the heat evolved by friction. --
Percussion fuze, a fuze in which the ignition is produced by a blow on some fulminating compound. --
Time fuze, a fuze adapted, either by its length or by the character of its composition, to burn a certain time before producing an explosion.


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Fuse, or Fuze , n. (Elec.)

A wire, bar, or strip of fusible metal inserted for safety in an electric circuit. When the current increases beyond a certain safe strength, the metal melts, interrupting the circuit and thereby preventing possibility of damage.


© Webster 1913

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