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an extremely humorous skit that used to air on late night with conan o'brien. in the skit, a man in a giant hot dog suit would come out and dance to music. occasionally, the music would pause, and the weiner would stop and strike a pose whilst he (or more likely, the speakers) emitted a loud fart. this provided at least 23 minutes of amusement for diligent viewers of the show. unfortunately, this has been replaced by such skits as the "for me to poop on" dog.

there are many conspiracies surrounding the gaseous weiner's departure from the show at the height of his popularity. same say he & andy were competing for conan's love and andy forced him to leave. others propose that he was employing his bronx cheers to covertly transmit sensitive us military secrets to the communists. i, for one, believe that he was abducted by aliens who had no means to poot, and thus needed his comedy stylings to keep them amused and occupied enough so as to avoid destroying our planet out of frustration and jealousy.

bless you, gaseous weiner, wherever you may be.

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