A gated community is a type of suburban housing development. Unlike typical cookie-cutter housing developments, a gated community doesn't allow just anyone in. They are usually surrounded by fences and have security guards who patrol the streets making sure there's no evildoings about. The guards insill a false sense of security in the extremely wealthy members of the development, who pay substantial fees for the added protection.

The real issue with these communities is the assumption that having enough money to be in the community itself is an automatic a-ok as far as being a good person. I can see a rich drug dealer moving into one of these developments, and robbing his neighbors from the inside, while they sit around drinking wine and feeling safe.

I've been informed that not all gated communites are for the social elite, this is simply a description of the gated communities in my area, if yours are different, add a writeup about your area, BTW this is outside Philadelphia, PA

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