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1. A style or type of conversation which has the quality of a kind of bond-creating and bond-sustaining ritual. "Boytalk" is not really either an antonym or complement to "girltalk." There is some doubt even of the existence of boytalk, though by noding "boytalk" perhaps I've provided the impetus for someone to fill the "boytalk" node vacuum or void. Also, keep in mind that girltalk is not necessarily limited to girls, or, for that matter, to women only, assuming the reader is someone who still embraces the dichotic gender paradigm.

2. The title of a magazine column written from the mid-'90s to the present (8/2000) by Pat Califia, which appears in the lesbian magazine, Girlfriends. An interesting conundrum, considering that Califia has resolved to be known hereafter as Patrick, a genuine breakthrough in my subjective opinion, though time will tell what conflicts are engendered by Califia's (long anticipated) transgendered coming out.

3. Not (necessarily) to be confused with Girl Talk, a game.

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