In a lot of ways, I liken god(s) to the straight piece in tetris.

A lot of people think its on the way, and then when it gets here, you'll be set. So a lot of people will set themselves up, waiting for it to arrive, and well, sometimes, it just never happens.

So what happens? You spent your whole life building up a big tower of solid blocks and the missing piece never arrives, and you die that way.

You sacrifice opportunities that you would have otherwise taken advantage of had you known that it was never going to arrive. Later on, when you're about to die, you're going to feel pretty bad about it, or you can remain in denial about it and be even more enthusiastic that it's going to show up and save the day.

Of course, the hole in this idea is the fact that we can actually see the straight tetrad occasionally and have sufficient proof that is exists. Also, people who see this tetrad often aren't considered crazy (Unless it tells you things).

I know a lot of people who don't play tetris this way, but I also know a lot of people who do, and I feel kind of bad for them.

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