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1944, A landmark in the history of humans. Two events occurred that would shape the future of mankind. First, scientists discovered the chemical nature of genes, which would later give birth to the field of genetic engineering. Then the President of the United States soon allowed the funding of Biomedical & Scientific research to continue.

It's now the year 2021. The Human Genome Project has blossomed into a branch of science all its own. Ranging from super soldiers to Frankenstein babies. Not even two years after the fourth World War, another threat now rears its head. Once again the super powers of Russia and the United States fight for supremacy, while their allies duke it out to remain on the giants' good sides.

Things are different this time around. Development in Biomedical research has allowed today's militaries to create soldiers who are faster and stronger. Thanks to a process called neural re-socialization, which wipes out a felon's mind and rebuilds it to be a machine of the military, soldiers are more vicious and bloodthirsty than ever.

"At 22:00, the Russians launched an offensive against our western border and have since set up forward command posts at Sacramento and Seattle."

General Jack S Matheson…You don't get more war hardened than this walking fossil. He's been enlisted in the marines since age fifteen and was picked up by black ops at twenty four. Not the best drinking buddy, but definitely the man you want to have watching your back in the trenches.

"At 08:00 hours you grunts will be shipped to the Nevada desert where we are currently holding our own against the Reds. I don't need to tell you how important this mission will be. You will be…"

A nearby explosion brings me crashing back to reality.

"Come on John get your head out of your ass before you lose it! We got a god damned war to fight here!"

That's Ramirez for ya; Blunt and vulgar as ever, but he's got a point. We got a war to win; No time for daydreaming. I grab my Mark II Spiker…You sometimes forget just how powerful a two and a half inch spike traveling a few thousand meters a second can be until you see the enemies' head explode some thirty meters away.

"Damn it! Remind me 'ta drill the General in the face next time I see 'im!"

"You say that every time the shit hits the fan!" Unfortunately he was right this time. We're in over our heads here. Command sent a small group of marines out to push back enemy forces in the Nevada desert. They dumped us out here with a handful of grenades, two rocket launchers, and only enough ammo to keep us fighting for a few hours. What they forgot to mention was that the enemy was armed with SCUD launchers, G6 Howitzers, and anti-personnel turrets. Not to mention they've got two Biotanks stationed at the frontlines.

Back in the day some genius decided to take human DNA and fuse it with an already formidable weapon. The end result was something like an armored plated chicken with fifty millimeter cannons welded on. In a densely covered forest these things weren't too tough, but in the open flatlands of the Nevada desert we were sitting ducks.

"Reapers are the last things we need. These damn things are hard enough to kill when we HAVE enough gear! How the hell did they expect us to take these bastards out!?" Ramirez stated while switching his expended clip for a new one.

"Lieutenant! Shoot at the underbelly! There's a soft spot in the armor there!" If it weren't for the fact that we happened to be in the heat of battle I'm sure everyone would have thought I was crazy.

"Well you heard the man. Kahn! Fire the launchers at its underside!"

"But Lieutenant?!"

"That's an order soldier!” Lieutenant Thompson is a by the books soldier who bleeds with his men in the thick of it. He'll just as soon shoot his mother in the leg than leave a man behind. Kahn on the other hand is a loudmouthed egotistical prick. He doesn't care what happens to anyone else as long as he lives and gets a promotion for it.

"Locked on target……Firing!"

The missile screams toward the biotank and erupts into a brilliant explosion. The Reaper moans in agony as it stumbles around and eventually collapses.

"HAHA, Hell Ya!" Ramirez rejoices. "That thing went down like it got kicked in the nuts!"

"Ya, with a twenty ton boot…" Kahn adds sarcastically.

Our victory is cut short by the sound of sirens announcing the launch of SCUD missiles.

"Well we're boned."

"Shut it Ramirez. John you seem to be on a streak...any ideas?"

"Just one…Start praying."

We headed to the closest thing to shelter we could find. Not much can protect infantry from a missile, let alone in the middle of the desert. We all sat in our hovels waiting for the inevitable.

Only a few seconds left. Looks like this is it.

Then…all was silent. Even the tatter of enemy guns had halted. As I look up, I see the missile stopped dead in the air, just a few feet from our heads. Then for some reason it raises back up and races towards the second Reaper. As we watch the following fireworks, every one of us has a look of disbelief.

"Good work Mai. That should cripple them for a while.

We turn to locate the origin of the voice, and as the dust settles four figures clad in black uniforms appear.

"That was quite a show wasn't it Hans."

"HAHAHA, Look at the little puny men scream in the pretty lights Fiona!"

"State your names and ranks." Thompson orders bluntly, still astounded by the recent show of power. "Who are you and wha…"

"…And how the hell did you just do that!?" Kahn's interruption gains him a scornful glance from the lieutenant. The man who appears to be their leader makes his way towards Thompson.

"Name's Axel, the blue haired woman over there is Fiona. The ogre is Hans and the twerp over there who just saved your asses is Mai…And they don't give people like us ranks."

"Mercenaries?" quizzed Ramirez.

"Research Subjects. We're Omega Squad, a project developed to surpass the Genome Soldiers by taking the already extensive genetic engineering done to infantry and expanding it to new levels."

"…o…kay so what makes you all so special?" Kahn asked dumbfoundedly.

"Well you already saw Mai's psychokinetic abilities. Fiona is a skilled assassin. Handy with a blade as well as a rifle, and Hans…well show them what you can do Hans."

Hans, the gigantic wall of a man, proceeds to lift up the remains of a three story building and heaves it like a hammer-toss at the enemies' already crippled base.

"Great so we got Dr. Strange's niece, a ninja and the incredible Hulk…Why do I not feel any safer?"

"Shut up Kahn. So tell me Axel what's your special ability then?" Thompson retorts.

"Personally, I like to play with matches." Axel snaps his fingers and a ball of fire erupts in his hand. The swirling sphere of flame radiates a power that feels much greater than the other three. There must be a reason why he's the leader after all.

"Well that's all good and dandy Mr. Human Zippo, but why exactly are you here?"

"To put it simply Sir, We're here to win this war."

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