Real reasons to hate someone are few and far between. It is totally ridiculous to hate anyone based on:

physical appearance

level of intelligence

religious beliefs

ethnic background (ie: race)

Also, it is a good idea to note that there is a very, very fine line between love, and hate, both extremely potent, powerful emotions/feelings. Refrain from saying you "hate" something unless you truly feel that it is justified. It is one thing to dislike something, or someone, and another to express pure and utter hatred towards said specimen.

It would be good to keep this line in the back of your mind: "Everybody get together, try and love one another right now!". HAha. Just kidding, don't keep that in your mind at all.. I hear it causes spontaneous seizures and bleeding from the eye socket. Instead, just remember, it isn't wise to focus what precious little time you have on hating one thing, or person.

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