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greedy little star

I told you that your my star
but you still don't know what you are
you're the type that singers sing about
you're the one that I dream about
yours the name that I scream aloud
but what's that mean now?
it means it's hard to cope
after losing hope
with love well recieved
and I felt so decieved
thinking that you never believed
now it's so sad
that we've lost all we had
and it's just too bad
that every glint of light
tells me that being apart isn't right
because you're why I cry at night
and you're another sign of angst and plight
because our love wasn't shrinkwrapped or store-bought
and my actions needed more thought
now I wish with all my heart
that we could just re-start
and stop growing apart
I would have given my life away
if it would have made you stay
but that doesn't help me say 
that you don't have to stay away
god knows that I'm afraid
but I'll ask you this anywhay:
Do you have any spare 
affection in there?
don't get mad, don't grimace or glare
I don't want it all, I was just thinking that maybe we could share.

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