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Geek Urban Professional.

So, people are now paying you bank for something that you'd stay up all night doing anyways. What's a geek to do? Certainly not become a Yuppie. Here's a little compare and contrast:

guppies almost never purchase:

  • fine linen
  • imported water
  • his & hers matching anything
OTOH, yuppies almost never purchase:
  • collectable card games
  • computers that cost more than their car
  • full spools of any kind of cable

Also, Gothic Urban Professional. Very similar to Geek Urban Professionals, except that goth Guppies tend to purchase expensive clothing (as well as cheap clothing that only looks expensive; many Guppies were poor before this whole Internet thing came along, and know how to bargain-shop) and sit in expensive clubs drinking expensive drinks and listening to expensive imported music while discussing their stock options and playing with their Palm Pilots and laptops (black, of course). Guppies are very common in the Seattle area, and inhabit Club Mercury and the Aurafice coffee shop.

Gay Urban Professional. Very common in queer friendly cities. Generally not as liberal as most queers. It's a good example of recuperation by market forces. An example being the refusal of many Guppie shop owners to come out (no pun intended) against the war during that crazy time in early 2003.

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