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Harakiri, a death metal outfit since 1997, is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Over the years they have evolved from a tolerable hardcore act into a pretty good technical death metal band.

There are countless death metal bands (that sound mostly the same), so what makes Harakiri any different? Musically they are fairly similar to other death metal acts; however, the mix of styles and quality musicianship keep their music interesting. The band says their sound was influenced by all varieties of death, grindcore, black metal, hardcore, and malt liquor.

Lyrically they are totally different than most death metal bands: their lyrics are intelligent and well-written. No death, gore, Satan, porn, or other clichés are to be found here. Many of their lyrics are definitely Nietzsche-inspired. They brought a sorely needed intelligence to death metal.

The band is currently composed of:

Kent Hiltz, their former drummer, left the band in June of 2003.

Discography with song lists:

The official Harakiri website: http://www.harakiri666.com/

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