The idea is that regular, plain-old, everyday art is intended to communicate a message. If the artist (musician, poet, playwright, whatever) is skilled enough to craft their art on more than the foundational level, their art becomes more praiseworthy.

Don't take the elitism of some to heart. There is no dividing line between low and high art; there is only more skilled and eloquent communication.

Also, a very good film written and directed by Lisa Cholodenko (and a debut, nonetheless). It centers on the relationship between an ambitious young magazine editor (Radha Mitchell) and a photographer (Ally Sheedy (yes, that Ally Sheedy)).

There are very few charecters in the film who are not heroin addicts, and the film's mise en scene reflects this. A lot of scenes are essentially visual (and sonic) heroin.

Sounds a pretty simple film, but its scope in what it deals with, and the number of things it deals with is really quite large.

Oh yeah, and the film's score is quite good, it's by Shudder to Think.

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