A Homecoming Queen, it seems, is an American phenomenon. One week a year, usually in the winter, most U.S. high schools have what is called homecoming week. The real purpose behind the week is for alumni of the school to return home and visit the school and the festivities involved in homecoming.

Homecoming also coincides with the Homecoming football game. This is just one of the regular season games (usually against a team the school feels confident it can win against) but is combined with a special half-time show with festivities and parades.

All of this culminates at the Homecoming Dance. This is a school dance that takes place after the Homecoming Game or the following Saturday night. The attire is semi-formal (suits, nice dresses)and in my experience the dance was held at the school. This is where the Homecoming Queen comes into the picture. Prior to Homecoming week the students vote to elect the Homecoming Court. This is a group of students who represent their respective grade levels. These students participate in the parade and other festivities. At the end of the week the students vote and the Homecoming Queen and King are crowned from the group of representatives from the senior class (doesn't have to be the seniors but rarely isn't) at the dance. IMHOP, it is nothing more than a popularity contest but it is tradition and I really don't have a problem with it.

Disclaimer: Many schools have different homecoming traditions and celebrate in different ways. This is simply a collection of the major features of the Homecoming activities that I have attended.

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