The service is no more exclusive than any service which reuiqres you to download an executable file to sign up, thus excluding users of the Mac OS and Linux. I find it odd that people gladly comply with Microsoft's "use Windows or die" mantra, but start to whine when Apple promotes it's own platform.

UPDATE: iTools no longer requires MacOS whatsoever. You can now access your iDisk (if you have one) from ANY machine regardless of OS. This helps if you have files stored on your iDisk that you need to transfer to a non-Macintosh computer. Such as movie or sound files.

Counterfit makes a valid but incomplete point. As of this writing you need to have MacOS 9+ to signup and change your settings. All of the other services that iTools provides are accessable on any platform. Apple also began providing webmail in May of 2002. Now iTools users can acess all of the services that Apple provides regardless of platform.

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