Part of Apple's iTools suite of online web-based services, iCards is unique as a web greeting card service in that it sends the card to the recipient as a JPEG image email attachment, rather than having the user follow a link to the web card service's website so that they can collect their meager revenues from banner advertising. This is a nice approach, as you can avoid the possibility of subjecting your card's recipient to the wiles of that infernal,masochistic internet monkey and also because your beautiful card can be saved for posterity.

There's quite a broad variety of cards to choose from and the categories seem to be frequently changing. Some of the current categories include: occasions, fine art, nature, vacation, holidays,sentiments, etc. Although there are a lot of sappy sentimental cards, there is also some truly amazing photography. Once you've found a card you want to send, you can add a text message about 150 characters in size using one of the four font choices. The message is then rendered as part of the JPEG.

Another unique aspect of iCards is the Member's Portfolio category. If you're a MacOS 9+ user, you can submit images that you have on your iDisk to be considered for inclusion in the Member's Portfolio category, where it will be featured and presumably sent to thousands of people as a greeting card.

You can check out iCards here:

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