An impulse buy is when you purchase an item on a whim, without careful consideration, evaluation of usefulness, or even any prior desire for it! You just see it, whip out the wallet, and buy it.

Impulse buying also takes many subtle forms, and you may not be aware that you're being assaulted. For example: Most grocery stores put milk and other dairy products in the back of the store, because they are either not good for profit, or are a detriment thereto.

In other words, some stores actually lose money for each gallon of milk they sell (though it isn't much money, of course). Dairy simply is not profitable for many stores, so they counter the limited potential of it by forcing you through all the rest of the store to get to it. You are then more likely to grab something as you're passing by. Oftentimes, impulse buying is not so subtle. A good example of blatant efforts to coerce you into buying something is the candy rack at the checkstand.

There's a reason it's always there. Sometimes you want candy; but more often the plot is deeper than that: They want your kids to notice the candy gleaming in front of them, hoping you will buy some for them. In many cases, children will become quite obnoxious if refused this tasty morsel in a plastic wrapping.

Impulse buying is something I'm not very good at, though, because my boss is too cheap to give me a pay raise so I can't afford anything.

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